The Trifecta of Appreciation

the most important thing for tech leaders

Zanzibar Style Auth

scalable auth framework for new projects

Get JSON from GPT

how to get predictable JSON output using the OpenAI API

Refresh for Same Site Cookie

how to secure the auth cookie but also make it work for external links

Lead by Asking Questions

how to be an effective leader for engineering teams

Making Tests Fast

speeding up continuous integration with interfaces and drop-in mocks

Backwards Compatible Changes

how to make changes to operating services

React Query Library

reducing boilerplate for HTTP requests in React frontends

Try It Both Ways

how to make software decisions

Never Clone Deep

always clone shallow in React apps

How to Run a Script Overnight

intro to tmux with examples

Lists of Objects

the right data type to use every time

Connecting Shapes in Overlays

intro to the SVG mask element with a shopping example

Idempotent Jobs

short and sweet example of making a function idempotent

Copy SSH Key to Server

how to copy another public key to a remote server

Debounce with React Hooks

how to debounce server requests in react functional components


consume virtual resources like tap water

Export SystemD Logs to ElasticSearch

minimum viable config for journalbeat

How to Run Migrations

simple migrations for golang servers

Webpack Code Splitting On Rails

quick integration directly with sprockets without using webpacker

Custom API Context

argument in favor of using a custom context type instead of open source

Micro Classes With Tachyons

how to use webpack css modules and tachyons for modular stylesheets

The Zen of Cmp

custom numeric comparisons using the cmp operator

How To Golang

tips and tricks after a year of golang

Redux Revisited

designing a redux store in typescript

Data Differencing

save bytes when streaming data changes

Native Fastlane

install react native beta release via hockey app

Cache Animated GIFs

replay non-looping GIF animations without reloading the file

Nginx Push State

deploy a webpack build on ubuntu

Edit Remote Files

configure rmate and ssh remote port forwarding