Edit Remote Files

posted 7 years ago

I learned how to deployed a static site with encryption today. I had to edit configuration files on the remote machine, and the perfect tool was rmate. It's the companion script to TextMate 2 that lets you open remote files in a local editor window.

TextMate blocks rmate connections by default. Enable via preferences.

TextMate > Preferences > Terminal

  ✓ Accept rmate connections.
    Access for: (local clients)
          Port: 52698

Install Script

You need to install rmate on the remote machine. I'm using the placehoder to mean the IPv4 address of the remote machine.

$ ssh [email protected]
~# apt update
~# apt install ruby
~# gem install rmate

If you bind the remote port, you can rmate files to edit in TextMate on your local machine.

$ ssh -R 52698:localhost:52698 [email protected]
~# rmate .bashrc

It should pop open the remote .bashrc into a local editor window. If you save the file, it saves on the remote machine.

SSH Config

I forward the port for every host. I haven't looked into security concerns so use at your own risk. Add port forwarding for rmate to ~/.ssh/config.

# rmate port forwarding.
RemoteForward 52698 localhost:52698 

It should work now without the -R flag.

$ ssh [email protected]
~# rmate .bashrc

You can just ignore warnings for concurrent sessions.

Warning: remote port forwarding failed for listen port 52698

The end result is mate when the file is local and rmate when remote.