How to Run a Script Overnight

posted 3 years ago

Software projects involve moving and transforming data. It usually goes by fast, but in some cases you need to copy a large dataset, or perform work on 100k+ records. In those cases, it works well to set up a script on a remote server, and let it run overnight.

Code Remote

In order to write a script on a remote server, the server itself will need access to internal services like the database. It will be different for every company, but there is usually a way to pass the session info in environment variables or in a file.

Access the code repository by setting up SSH agent forwarding in your local SSH config. It will allow you to clone the repository or pull the latest version.

Pushing and pulling changes to the script can be slow, so instead I will edit the code files directly on the remote server with Visual Studio Code Remote - SSH extension. It feels exactly like coding locally, so it should be quick to edit the script as needed.

The next step is run the script overnight in a detached terminal session.

Terminal Multiplexer

Install tmux.

$ sudo apt install tmux

Start a new session providing a name using -s in order to target the session later. In the example below etl is the name for the session, which stands for extract, transform, load.

$ tmux new -s etl

Practice detaching from the session by pressing control + b and then d for detach.

List current sessions. It should display the etl session you created in the output.

$ tmux ls

Attach to the session. The command a stands for attach, and -t is used to target the session by name.

$ tmux a -t etl

Start the script that you want to run overnight. I always try to include a progress bar. I will also initially run the script on a few records to make sure the script works.

$ ./script  # depends on your language or framework of choice

It's time to let it run. Detach from the session:

$ C-b d   # control + b, then d

And sign off:

$ exit

Confirm the script is still running. Sign in with ssh, attach to the session with tmux, see the progress bar ticking, and then detach, sign off. Enjoy some personal time, get some sleep, and let the computer work all night.