Javascript Fun Facts

did ya know that in javascript ...

Custom Grape Validators

how to write custom parameter validators for grape endpoints

Catching Clicks

an introduction to event delegation and the anchor element

Sockets In Sync

if you plan to horizontally scale, pubsub requires a persistence store.

Fixing Twitter Mentions

how to make the @ symbol show up inside the anchor tag

Rails On Beanstalk

start to finish rails deployment on aws elastic beanstalk

Scoped Enumerable Blocks

small ruby plugin for scoped enumerable blocks

Shadowing Method Calls

avoid recomputing a return value while using the same syntax

Pusher Clone

how to write a pusher clone in under 25 lines of code

Twitter Flight Hello World

hello world example for the twitter flight client framework

RequireJS Hello World

hello world example for client amd and dependency management

Rails Yaml Settings

quick monkey-patch for reading in yaml settings files by environment

Semantic Backbone Ordering

how to make sure that compound slugs order properly

CI For Client Packages

how to set up continuous integration for a bower package

Case Sensitive Replacements

case insensitive matches with case sensitive replacements in coffee-script

Bundler For Github Dependencies

you need to use bundler setup to use github dependencies

Sequencing Using Lexical Scope

writing a simple sequence helper for factory lady

Navigating A Grid

tools for robot navigation in java

Installing Redis on OSX

setting up redis to run in the background with nice bash aliases

Winston Loggly Transport

how to set up logging to loggly from a node application

Deploying Node On Azure

install dependencies on an ubuntu vm and run the app with forever

Quickly Run C

little executable script to run a C file

Connect Middleware

how to architect modular web apps with express

CoffeeScript Node Packages

how to structure, test, and release coffee-script modules

Callbacks And Promises

how to wrap a function to convert between the nonblocking styles

Calculations With Angles

for a school project we're programming robots in java

Working With Money in ActiveRecord

strategies to handle money accurately and generate reports

Deploying Assets to S3

how to precompile and serve from Amazon S3 with the Rails asset pipeline

HTML Clickable Section

how to make a whole div clickable

Custom Flash Partials

how to use Rails 4 custom flash messages to pass a param to view